Create the company that represents automobile industry with passion, dialogue, belief and determination

We have a strong vision “Create the company that represents automobile industry” and mainly run two business. First, sales and marketing our products to our customer (car dealer, car maintenance shop, gas station and so on). Second, human-resource services which specialized in automobile industry.

Thanks to our customer’s support and our continuous effort, our business is steadily growing year by year. So we currently have over thirty thousand customers and we obtain new 200 customers every months. As a result, this number is the biggest among the Japanese venture companies.

In near future, automobile industry will face the big innovative period called “CASE”. “CASE” is an abbreviation for following four concepts.

I think that the following future will come soon.

If I push the button of smartwatch, a self-driving car will pick you up. And I get on this car, I will be able to watch much real-time information which be reflected on windshield. So I can work inside. Or I can reach my destination during sleeping. The power of this car is solar with using solar film, so it is not necessary to use rechargeable space. Because there is no accident, there will be no traffic jam and car insurances. The channel for purchasing cars will change from car dealer to e-commerce or home electronics mass retailer. The number of taxis, distributer and existing automobile manufacture will de decreasing. Instead of these companies, I think the presence of IT companies such as apple, Google and Softbank.

From now on, current automobile will be one of the hardware. So it is expected that players who do not exist until now will enter automobile industry and existing players who cannot change will be eliminated at once. However

However, looking at the domestic automobile industry, despite the fact that the automobile is Japan’s core industry, regarding Connected and Automated driving lags behind foreigners, and in the sales market, the population is declining, and young people The market itself is shrinking due to the impact of leaving the car.

We seriously believe that it is UPTY to enhance and develop the automobile industry which is Japan’s core industry. Domestic “sales channels” and “aftermarkets market” are vertically divided in an easy-to-understand format such as manufacturers and FCs. However, I think it is necessary for Japanese automobile industry to be prepared to take leadership, unite the industry, and lead the upcoming turbulent future.

UPTY will be able to do above things by (1) continuing transactions with almost all domestic brands, (2) no capital (meaning that no extra intentions work), and (3) president in the middle of aspirations like the president of a salaryman. I think it’s just an appetite that doesn’t retire (can’t be made to retire).

By working on the business with “passion and dialogue, belief and determination” and dealing directly with all maintenance shops, all of UPTY will further accelerate the once-in-a-century mobility revolution and “represent the automobile industry.” We will do our utmost to achieve our vision of “creating a company that does.” We look forward to your continued support in the future.


Chief Executive Officer 

Brief personal history

M.A. in Strategic Management, Chuo University-Tokyo, Japan 2011
B.A. in Legal, Aoyama Gakuin University-Tokyo, Japan 1999
Work Experience

2020 CEO
Picru,Inc. Tokyo

2009 CEO
UPTY,Inc. Tokyo

2006 Director
Alpha Group Inc. Tokyo

2005 CEO
Alpha International Inc. Tokyo