What is “Customer Delight Business”?

We offer comprehensive consulting services to automobile factory and retailer in terms of “attracting customers” and “recruiting”.
Regarding specific service contents are following;

①Consulting Services

“Attracting customers” and “recruiting” are essential factors for the management of company.
We are asking current situation from our customers, then we find not only manifesting issue but also potential issue. After that, we propose semi-order solutions which suit for your company.
Before the consulting service was launched, we have been specializing in human resources business for the automobile industry. Therefore, we have value which we can only offer.

②Creation company web site, SEO and MEO measures

Our service offers creation company’s web site to efficiently attract customers and produce route that your company will be found among competitors.

SEO:Search Engine Optimization

MEO:Map Engine Optimization

③Substitution for SNS operation

Now that SNS must be necessary tools for store management. We often hear the news that customers rushed to shop by buzz or word of mouth. Recently SNS provides the place for communication with consumer with companies, so they can also apply it to their recruiting activity.
We substitute these activities instead of our customers.

④Creation and operation for recruiting site, substitution for personnel affairs

Currently almost all people have PC or smartphone which can access internet. So job seekers will definitely do check company’s recruiting site.
We will create web site which convey not only benefit but also attractiveness of the company to job seekers. We generate the motivation to apply instead of CEO or HR person.

Our service covers a wide range of support for job seekers, from awareness activities to application, recruitment, and retention.


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